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P>The following fic was written for the <lj user="fanfic100"> challenge and it contains some spoilers for <i>Alias</I> Season 5...<p>

For reasons the doctors attending Nadia could not explain, she began to come out of the drug induced coma they had kept her in for over a year. She slowly began to awaken despite the efforts of the doctors to keep her sedated and when she opened her eyes the Rambaldi induced madness was gone from them.

“Where is my father?” Nadia asked the nurses in a weakened voice, “Where’s my sister?”

Caroline DuBanks was a part of the team who had been helping to care for Nadia for most of the year she had been unconscious in the drug induced coma. She spoke in a quiet voice to Nadia as she finished taking her pulse, “Dr. Sanark will be in shortly to see you and he’ll explain to you where your family is.”

Nadia nodded, “All right.” Already her eyes began to get heavy and she fought to keep from sleeping.

“Ms. Santos, you shouldn’t fight to stay awake,” Caroline’s voice was soothing her, “Dr. Sanark will still be here to talk to you the next time you awaken.”

“ see my fam...” Nadia’s voice trailed off as she fell asleep again.

When Dr. Sanark appeared a few minutes later, Caroline met him outside Nadia’s room to voice her concerns regarding their patient. The doctor listened to the nurse closely before he went in to examine her. Nadia woke up halfway through the doctor’s examination and he smiled at her.

“Ms. Santos, my name is Dr. Sanark - how are you feeling?” he asked.

“Tired,” she replied, trying to move, “Weak.”

“Ms. Santos, what’s the last thing you remember happening?” the doctor asked carefully.

“I remember going to stop the end of the world,” Nadia’s replied, with alarm crossing her face.

“It’s all right, you’re in a CIA medical facility, we know what happened in Sovogda,” Sanark said, “Ms. Santos, do you remember fighting with Agent Bristow or even being shot by Mr. Sloane?”

Puzzlement crossed Nadia’s face, “My father shot me?” Dr. Sanark confirmed it with a nod. “Where is he now?”

Sanark’s face was serious as he answered, “Mr. Sloane was sentenced to life in prison for his part in what happened in Sovogda, I’m sorry.”

“I can’t see him then?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Dr. Sanark answered.

Tears flooded Nadia’s eyes but she didn’t allow them to escape, and with a nod she said, “And my sister? You said I fought with her?”

Sanark nodded, “Agent Bristow is fine and has become one of the Agency’s best handlers.”

“Sydney’s a handler now?” Nadia was again puzzled, “What about the other members of our team? Jack Bristow, Irina Derevko, and Michael Vaughn - did they all make it out of Sovogda okay?” If Irina had come back with the rest of the team, that meant her mother was in prison too and she wouldn’t be able to see her either. But then again if Irina somehow had escaped when the mission ended, Nadia knew she still wouldn’t be able to see her mother because that would mean Irina would have to risk capture by the CIA to see her youngest daughter.

So either way either way she was without her parents.

“Agents Jack and Sydney Bristow made it out okay, while Ms. Derevko somehow managed to effect her escape in the aftermath of the crisis,” Sanark answered, and then looked down at her chart to write a few new notes. “Ms. Santos, I am going to order some tests to be run to see if there are any after effects of the Rambaldi water.”

“What about Agent Vaughn, doctor?” Nadia asked, “Did he make it back all right?”

Dr. Sanark looked up at her, “Why don’t I call your sister and tell her you’re awake and want to see her as soon as possible?”

“Vaughn’s dead isn’t he?” Nadia said.

“I think that’s something you should discuss with your sister,” Sanark replied, “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go make that phone call.” He left before Nadia could say another word and as he left, another thought entered Nadia’s mind.

Eric - where was Eric?

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