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Some people would ask me "Do you love your wife?" and I would have to answer them, "Yes, I do love her. Very much."

The same people would further go on to ask me, "How could you poison your own wife? How could you kill her just for a position of power in the Alliance?"

And my answer would be "It's because I love her that I am doing this."

The same people might reply, "What? You don't love her! If you did you wouldn't kill her just because they wanted you too!'

"Yes, I DO love her but you also have to understand something about me. I am an ambitious man. I have been at my current position too long."

"Ah so don't love her because she is holding you back! Is that it?"

"I told you already that I DO love my wife. She has been one of the BEST parts of my life but she also one of the WORST parts. Why do you ask? Well it's because she is the one person makes me vulnerable in this world.

I can no longer afford that vulnerablility. Not if I am going to survive and succeed in the life I have choosen. And don't be too quick to judge me for what I've done. I told Emily the truth about who I am, I loved her enough to do that. She married a monster and she loved me enough to not judge me for what I've done.

And if she knew I was the cause of her death, I believe she could forgive me too...

Yes, I love her but I only vowed to love her 'until death do us part.'..."