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 ++ Arvin Sloane is new to the CIA and at some point he has his first White House briefing during this year. (Source: Season 1's “Spirit”)

 ++ Arvin Sloane meets Jack Bristow for the first time, and is senior to him. (Source: Season 2's “The Abduction” Jack responds he has known Sloane for 30 years when Ariana Kane asks. I am operating on the assumption that at least until the end of Season 2, the Alias timeline ran concurrent with real world events.)
 ++ Arvin Sloane meets Conrad for the first time, who started him out on his quest for Rambaldi. (Source: Season 2's “Countdown”)

 ++ Sydney Anne Bristow is born to Jack and Laura Bristow

++ Apparently the Sloanes are in Italy for a good part of this year as it appears Emily’s pregnancy, and Jacquelyn’s death all happened here. It also appears they never told anyone home in the United States about her as Jack Bristow clearly had no knowledge of her some 30 years later. (Source: Season 4's “In Dreams”)
++ Emily Sloane gives birth to a baby girl who they name Jacquelyn. She does not survive. (Source: Season 4's “In Dreams”)
++ Arvin Sloane rediscovers some Rambaldi notes he had stored in his desk whenever he was in the Army Corp of Engineers. This is the start of his obsession for Rambaldi. (Source: Season 4's “In Dreams”)