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Episode Reviews
Episode Reviews
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So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here are my reviews for some of my all-time favorite episodes of JAG!

"The Guardian"
Air date: 3/28/97

Harm and Mac defend a former Navy Seal, now a homeless man, but still a highly trained killing machine, who is accused of using excessive force in killing three men who tried to hold up a convenience store.

It seems like an open-and-shut case of triple homicide until Harm and Mac discover that the former Seal, Paul Bauwer acted instinctively at the store as he sought to protect a young boy -- who happened to be his estranged son but didn't recognize him. Bauwer, embarrassed by his own vagrancy, wants to keep his identity a secret from his son. As a result, Harm and Mac must devise a successful defense without divulging their client's relationship to the only witness to the incident, while at the same time proving that Bauwer acted in an appropriate manner.

I loved this episode from the first moment I saw it in a rerun and I have rewatched it often on tape.
I think I loved this episode from the moment I saw it is because of how Harm, Mac, and Bud all charge to the defense of this man who was once a Navy SEAL, when he needed them most. I mean this man was only protecting his son from danger, and he most definitely did not deserve to go to prison over it.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 10

AmyToo's Favorite Episode(s):

Season 2: The Guardian