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Amato Antonelli

Name: Amato Jacopo Antonelli
Born: April 7, 1971 in New York, NY.
Current Occupation: CIA Field Agent, Boston Field Office

New York State University
  - Criminal Justice
  - Engineering

++ Federal Law Enforcement Training Center - Glynco, Georgia ( 10 weeks )
- Counter Terrorism
- Law
- Firearms Training
- Defensive Tactics
- Report Writing

Other Training Programs:
- Ethics
- Professional Training
- Clandestine Service Training

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Father: Antonio Antonelli
Mother: Agnese Merlo Antonelli
Brother(s): Angelo *deceased, 9/11/01*, Augustio, Alfonso
Sister(s): Azzurra

Marital Status: Not Married

Temperament: Amato is

Additional Note(s):
++ Amato is the youngest son of Antonio and Agnese Antonelli, and has a younger twin sister named Azzurra.
++ Amato was recuited into the CIA straight from college in 1993.
++ Amato had been a CIA agent for approximately 12 years.

Played By: James Haven