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Name: Gilda MacDowell Sinclair
Born: May 10, 1948 in Walpole, MA
Current Occupation: Secretary, CIA Boston Field Office
Current Home: Walpole, MA.

+ University of Massachusetts

Training: Gilda has undergone various training during her career in the CIA. She is not currently field rated but did have extensive training in espionage and covert missions when she was in the field.

Languages: English, Russian, Italian, Chinese, German, Japanese

Father: Harold MacDowell *DECEASED*
Mother: Dorothy Conor MacDowell *DECEASED*
Brother(s): Harold MacDowell Jr. (Born 1946)
Sister(s):  Olivia MacDowell Jorgensen (Born 1951)

Marital Status: Carol Sinclair *deceased* Widowed (1997)

++ Bennington “Benny” Sinclair *son* (Born 1974)
++ Sarah Sinclair Michaels *daughter* (Born 1976)
   - Kayla *granddaughter* (Born 2000)
   - Ethan *grandson* (Born 2002)
++ Joseph “Joe” Sinclair *son* (Born 1978)

Temperament: Gilda is a no nonsense, by the book type of person. She is not without compassion but she will abide no foolishness in the office. Fierce. Loyal. Has a softer side whenever she’s out the office and around her children or grandchildren, though she was strict (but loving) while raising her children.

Additional Note(s):
++ Gilda was recruited to the CIA the year of her graduation from college in 1970
++ Gilda met her husband Carol, the following year while on assignment in London, England.
++ Gilda and Carol were married a year later in 1972
++ On a mission that went terribly wrong, Gilda was captured and held prisoner by the Russians for nearly a month. She later managed to escape but not without some lasting effects.
++ She has limited motion and range on her left arm. She cannot raise it above her head. She also walks with a slight limp.
++ Gilda has known Jack Bristow since her earliest days in the CIA
++ Gilda was an intelligence analyst for the CIA before she excepted her current position as secretary in the new Boston station.

Played By: Tyne Daly