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Favorite Alias Quotes

Lomeinie's Alias Fan Site

This is the place to find my favorite quotes from the series!

Season 1:
"Who are you working for? I'll not ask you again."
"Okay. Get a pen." (He sits down and does so, taking out a pad of paper.)
"Write this down. E-M-E-T-I-B. You got that?"
"Okay. Now reverse it." (He does. BITE ME. She laughs, he puts the pad away.)
- Sydney with a lovely display of Bristow attitude - Truth Be Told 1.1
"Just so we're clear: you report this conversation, you'll never wear a hat again."- Jack to Haladki - Q&A 1.17


Season 3:
"Because every morally questionable thing I've done has been to protect Sydney. You don't have the same excuse." - Jack to Sloane - Succession 3.2
"I find you sexy, Jack. Deal with it." - Katya Derevko - Legacy 3.21

Season 2:
"...despite my limited abilities as a father, I love her more than I could ever say..."- Jack - Salvation 2.6
"There is one way for you to verify if my nocturnal activities are a security risk, Ms. Kane, but somehow, I think we'd both prefer the torture." - Jack - The Abduction 2.10
"So we can assume the secondary objective was to make Arvin suffer, someone haboring an acute hatred. Meaning it could be anyone."- Jack - The Getaway 2.12
"Legally he's right, ethically he's an a$$." - Jack (referring to Kendall) - A Free Agent 2.15


Season 4:
"Will you marry me, Mr. Bristow?" - Marshall - Detente 4.7
"What's a spork?" - Jack - Tuesday 4.13
"Even his delusions are lucid." - Marshall - Mirage 4.18
"Perhaps you believe my recent illness rendered me less coherent than before, or that my cognitive faculties have been somehow dulled or diminished. Allow me to clarify the facts for you, Agent Vaughn. While I've come to believe you're not as useless as I first imagined..." - Jack - The Descent 4.20
"I'm trying to have more fun these days." - Jack to Elena - Before the Flood 4.22

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