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If Alias returns in September 2005...
If Alias returns in January 2006...

I've decided to have a little fun and perhaps build a permenant Alias fan page!

I became a fan of Alias on New Year's Day 2002 when ABC Family Channel had a 10 hour marathon on that day. I had intended to only watch the first episode of the marathon but before I knew it I had watched all 10 episodes.

Afterwards I scrambled to call the friend who had dared me to watch the marathon and asked her "When does the next new episode air?"

I have been very hooked on Alias since!



Disclaimer: I don't own Alias or its characters or its plots or its pictures because they belong to J.J. Abrams, Bad Robot, and ABC. Please don't sue me for using them here on this humble site!
Pictures are courtesy of Alias Media and Two Evil Monks.



Sydney Bristow in Alias pilot episode Truth Be Told.
Site Created: 5/15/05

What's New?
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This is the place to read what I've done to update the site!

New: I have added a page to list all the continuity errors I note on Alias and this page will be open to my site's visitors' observations as well!
Also note I am still writing my reviews for the last 3 episodes of Season 4 and I shall post them as soon as possible.
I have finished my review for Before the Flood. You'll find it on the episode reviews page. I will add my reviews for The Descent and Search and Rescue as soon as I possible can.
I've added spoilerish pictures for The Descent, Search and Rescue, and Before the Flood. You'll find them on the Episodes Review page!
I am in the process of adding reviews for Season 2 episodes: Salvation, Passage I, Passage II. I am also in the process of adding reviews for Season 4 episodes Tuesday, Mirage, The DescentSearch and Rescue and Before the Flood.