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A Blessing

This site was created 9/21/05


Last night I made a video from a segment of a Passion play I saw I few years ago called Bow the Knee - the segment is taken from the Garden of Gethsamane in which a Roman centurion named Anthony agonizes over the words spoken to him by Jesus. You see Jesus healed his servant and when Anthony thanked him, Jesus told him "Follow me."

And of course in another part of the garden, Jesus is agonizing over what is to come in the next few hours with his betrayal, trial, and crucifixtion.

The reason I made this video is because the highlight of this scene is when Anthony and Jesus sing together in harmony as these two men could really sing and to be honest it's the part I remember most from this play, though the rest of it was just as moving.

So All Alone

I don't own the footage seen here and no infringement was intended by using this footage here.